The Optimized Trading

AI Powered designed by traders for traders

Why The Optimized Trading Bot?

Trading is hard we know how many sacrifices it costs: time, stress and family

We are traders like you 

With Tot Bot you will earn more money and stress less

ToT Trading Bot will send you easy automatic trading signals to your mobile via Telegram making you more money

Our already performing private trading algorithms are enhanced by AI.

AI boosts profits based on dynamic crypto market conditions

ToT Bot tracks percentage of profitable trades for each signal

ToT Bot tracks Take Profits with a brand new series of follow up messages

Despite recent challenging crypto market conditions, TP1s have almost always entered

Real ToT Bot Results


You can expect not only Bitcoin-regarded signals, but +80 Altcoins as well. We developed strategies for different assets to cover the whole crypto market


Our accuracy, results and feedback speak for themselves. We are traders, not just a signal- giver. We are still in game because we know how to earn on trading markets


Specially for people who don’t have free time for trading - all our trading recommendations can be followed fully automatically. No matter where you are, you won’t miss any trade


Time is money and you are gonna make tons of time for your loved ones while making tons of dollars.

Provide for your family now 


We too have tried online trading bots with great frustration as 99% don't work!

That's why we worked 4 years for our proprietary ToT Bot.

Transparency is our strength!

Below you can find real statistics of the ToT bot Bot Stats

What do you get when becoming a member?

The ToT bot is easy to use for earning extra money

It will send signals in your Telegram account that are useful for both day traders and swing traders.

Usually sends 150 to 300 signals per month. ToT Bot tracks the percentage of profitable trades for each signal. TOT The optimized AI-powered trading bot designed in California by traders like you

What's inside the Trading Bot?

The bot is really simple to use to make money

In this real message above you can see:

1 the Long signal for the LINA USDT token pair on the Bybit Perpetual exchange.

2 The Entry Price for the Long is: $0.01038

3 In this case the ToT Bot with AI works in the 60 minute Timeframe

4 AI predicted a trade success rate of 82.71% for the Lina USDT pair. You will always receive only > 75% signals for big profits

5 This is the Take Profit/Stop Loss part for your trades

6 The ToT Bot Algo calculate a Stop Loss price is: 0.010084238 $. Although it may seem high for this trading pair the algorithm suggests this setting to have a success rate of 82.71%

7 These are the take profit levels you can set for this trade. When you want to risk little and forget about your trades we suggest you set TP1 (Take Profit 1) with 100% of the position. Set it and forget it! When you want to add your technical analysis to the trade then also set the other TP levels.

The bot tracks profits with handy messages like this one below:

We recommend using a leverage of x10 but you are free to use the leverage you prefer based on the risk management of your trading portfolio

In this real message above you can see:

1 the TP1 signal for the LINA USDT for a profit of +1.76% with a 10x leverage that means a +17.60% profit  💵

2 The TP2 signal for the LINA USDT for a profit of +3.62% with a 10x leverage that means a +36.20% profit 💰

3 The TP3 signal for the LINA USDT for a profit of +4.61% with a 10x leverage that means a +46.10% profit 🤑


At the time of your activation, write in the comments your wallet address and the amount of crypto you have delegated to our partner nodes.  Remember to also leave a valid email that you can read if you like

You will be contacted within 72 hours and if you have delegated 10,000 or more tokens to our partners you will have 1 year free

The tokens will remain in your wallet but you will help the nodes to self-sustain while you earn compound interest

Propose Your Partnership

Do you like earning with bot ToT? Do you have communities of traders who might like the bot?

Propose your partnership and if accepted you will have important advantages

Will I get rich when I use this bot?

The concept of wealth changes from person to person.

You won't get rich soon using this ToT trading bot but you will exponentially increase your probability of earning money using it.

After just a few days of use you will see your trading portfolio increase to the moon!! :-)

We recommend using the right position sizing and if you are not an expert in trading, focus on the TP1 at the beginning

Enter the bot now, you will thank us later!


I sent the transaction to activate the ToT bot. How long will it take for my activation?

There are many requests, please be patient as our team works 24 hours a day. Normally within 24 hours you will be activated and added to the Telegram group. During periods of hard work you will be accepted within 72 hours and don't worry because your membership always starts from the day after your activation. You can always contact us here

How many trading signals per day will I receive from the bot?

The bot usually sends 150 to 300 signals per month. This means 10 to 15 signals per day. They are not quantity but quality trading signals with a success rate of over 80%.

Furthermore, the AI ​​adapts to market conditions in a maniacal and dynamic manner and aims to send trading signals with the highest possible percentage of profitable trades.

Quality not quantity

Below you can find our public Telegram Group! Unlock the power of VIP membership now!